Stapled Brochures

From catalogues to newsletters, traditional stapled binding is ideal for almost any type of promotional material. These saddle-stitched brochures provide a simple yet professional form of binding you can rely on.

saddle stitched brochures a6

A6 Stapled Books

Not only are A6 brochures the perfect size for instruction manuals to help customers get started with your products, they’re ideal for guidebooks and programmes too.

saddle stitched brochures a5

A5 Stapled Books

This handy-sized brochure is great for sending out sneak previews of an upcoming event or exhibition, or even to let customers know about your new menu.

saddle stitched brochures a4

A4 Stapled Books

Reach out to readers with a new catalogue or prospectus to promote your business and take advantage of the A4 size brochure to leave a bold, long-lasting impression.

saddle stitched brochures dl

DL Stapled Books

If you’re printing a price guide or a welcome pack, DL stapled brochures are the best way to make a lasting impression.

saddle stitched brochures square

Square Stapled Books

Square stapled brochures are ideal for a new product launch or event guide, so why not see how this unique layout can do wonders for your work.


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